Rent Control and Potash Profits

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Leaders spar over budget. from the Star Phoenix.

The two party leaders debated issues that might come up in the next provincial election. Wall, in all probability, is totally wrong about increased taxes on profits killing jobs – PCS has not created all that many jobs until recently, yet still had record profits in most years. I’m guessing on this issue and it would be useful to have the facts. The major downside to taxing corporate profits is its effect on the huge amount of capital invested in retirement funds – the lower the profit, the lower the return on investment. Again, it would be nice to have the facts.

Wall is likely right about rent control being a bad idea. However, he doesn’t have a suggestion about how to make more affordable housing available to buy or rent. What makes sense is to create programs of tax relief or subsidy that creates more housing. In particular, we need to “infill” Regina and Saskatoon (suburban blight will look after itself).

Later: The more I think about affordable housing, the more I think it’s a small part of a larger problem. The Province’s Social Services Department (or whatever it’s called now) has been major sick for a number of decades. The employees I most feel sorry for are the social workers who are employed by this department. What about busting up Social Services into agencies much like the Health Regions? Then give them the ability to fund social housing.


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