Saskatoon Wanuskewin 2008 – not as bad as you think

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, here is the urban / rural split for Saskatoon Waneskewin in 2008.

Urban Rural
Green 1382 (8%) 740 (6%)
Liberal 2820 (16%) 967 (7%)
NDP 5190 (29%) 2296 (18%)
Conservative 8664 (48%) 9029 (69%)
Total 18056 (59%) 13032 (57%)
Eligible 30749 23003

Here’s a graph of the same results

And this is what the riding looks like (if you want the PDF, go here):

We might as well write off the rural parts of this riding. With a 21% spread between the Conservative vote for urban and rural, it seems like deep blue. What I haven’t done is break out the participation rates for the number of First Nations reserves – that might be an interesting. Again, the NDP have a long way to go at 29% for the urban side: the Liberals were reasonably strong in this election, as was the Green party. My main concern is with the north Saskatoon suburbs of this riding – Silverwood, Lawson and River Heights are middle class bastions. However, digging out the youth vote (there are a lot of young people who get on the University Special buses) and not scarring the voters might make this riding winnable with the right candidate.

I’m going to get yelled at. I actually like Maurice Vellacott as a person – he’s my MP. He seems genuinely engaging the few times I’ve met him. He certainly has responded respectfully to my various communications. Sure, some of his public communications raise questions, but he’s a conservative evangelical not some demon from the dark dimensions. Why not have a conversation?


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