Who’s paying for lunch?

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Canada’s new electoral divide: It’s about the money – The Globe and Mail.

This is really interesting and gets to the heart of the red to orange transition. Fiscally conservative Liberals went Conservative in 2011 – more could do so in future elections. However, how do these new Conservatives feel about social issues (cultural industries, medicare, criminal justice, gun control, same sex marriage and, of course, abortion)? To what extent do you hold your free enterprise nose in order to put up with the stink of regressive social policies (a very outrageous metaphor – forgive me)? Stephen Harper isn’t stupid, but he seems to be somewhat ideological. He loves his base, but more than staying in government? He will likely choose to be equally disappointing to both.

So, what is the response of the center left? Keep hammering on fiscal responsibility. Tommy Douglas wouldn’t spend a nickel he didn’t have. Roy Romanow led the first provincial government to balance its budget. You introduce the progressive social and economic policies you actually can pay for.


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