I’m now employed at a job that doesn’t exist

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Star Phoenix:
Sask. unemployment rate remains lowest in Canada, but province loses third-most full-time jobs. Now this is a confusing situation: unemployment down but full time jobs also down. So, did someone at the Star Phoenix actually look at the numbers? They must be hard to find…oh, no, a little Google and here it is. So, it is true, the number of full time jobs is down, but so is the labor force participation rate – hence the drop in the unemployment rate.

Now, here’s what happens when you check out the facts: Cam Broten of the NDP says that we lost 3,500 jobs. However, the way I read the table it’s 1,800 jobs year over year and 1,800 jobs March to April. Am I missing something?

I remember years ago that the Economist magazine rated government statistics agencies all over the world and decided that Canada’s was one of the best. I can believe it. If you go to the report, it suggests further, more detailed charts. If I actually sat down and brooded on them, I might learn something.

Also, would it hurt the Star Phoenix to add a link to the actual report?

So, again my question, did the reporter simply look at press releases from the provincial government and then get some quotes? I would guess not, because most readers don’t want to think in numbers because it makes their brains hurt. It’s better to have someone else tell them what to think.


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