Allan Blakeney

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

From the Star Phoenix: Former Saskatchewan premier Allan Blakeney remembered as province’s “steady hand”.
So now I switch into my old fogey mode. All of the things said about Blakeney over the past weeks are true. I’d add a couple of things about the Blakeney administration. Nationalizing the potash industry was a gutsy move – probably a reflection of the more clearly defined roles of left and right at that time. However, there certainly seemed to be a difference then between how the Crowns were run and PCS. On the other hand, it really wasn’t given enough time to see if it would have been a success.

Blakeney and the party also did a really good job to bring on board the next generation of leaders.

The other thing I clearly remember was the mood in 1982 when Grant Devine was elected. For one, the economy and inflation were making many look for an alternative. There was also a sense, justified or not, that the NDP had grown arrogant. Wouldn’t it be nice if a major problem for the NDP federally was how to govern over the long haul.


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