And you get a discount on the Fillet-O-Fish…

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

McDonald’s is killing the middle class – War Room – Most of this article is depressing. However, from my observations of my own daughter’s experience of  working at McDonalds – go for it – although no longer than 6 months or when you finish high school.  Why? Because McDonalds is one of the few corporations who bothers to do staff training. A McDonalds employee learns how to work – they take the time to train you. You learn that complex tasks can be broken down into easily learned segments. You learn how to look around and be aware of work that needs doing (working independently). You learn that there is an efficient way to do most things if you stop and think about it OR if you experiment with different approaches.

So, if you’re young, go work at McDonalds. Once you’ve sucked them dry, quit and go do a job that changes the world. You’ll change the world more effectively and you’ll have personal experience of Neo-liberalism.


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