Regina – Rural and Urban Votes in the 2011 Federal Election

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

You should refer to this webpage for the data used in this analysis. These maps of federal ridings in all of Saskatchewan and just Regina may also be useful.

The election results in Regina are different from Saskatoon in a two ways. First, Wascana elected one, Ralph Goodale, of only four Liberals in Western Canada. Second, both Wascana and Lumsden are more heavily urban than the other two ridings. Goodale has been a member of parliament since 1993. He’s built up a lot of personal goodwill among his constituents. When he retires, his riding organization may be strong but it may not be strong enough to elect another Liberal – particularly given the fate of the national party.

Without the rural votes, both Palliser and Qu’Appelle might have gone NDP and Lumsden would be competitive. Without Goodale in the mix, the three Regina ridings split NDP in total.

However, such suggestions are mostly speculation. To create three urban ridings in Regina with an average of just over 53,000 electors in each seat wouldn’t be that hard. Wascana could remain much the same. The other two ridings could cover mostly West and mostly the North and East. Such adjustments could also mean creating a sensible rural riding that covers both sides of Highway 11.


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