Dan Quayle – Right Once More

November 30, 2011 § 7 Comments

The most mocked politician in recent history was Dan Quayle – the first George Bush’s Vice President. He said in 1991: “Let’s ask ourselves: Does America really need 70 percent of the world’s lawyers? Is it healthy for our economy to have 18 million new lawsuits coursing through the system annually? Is it right that people with disputes come up against staggering expense and delay?”

Apparently, the answer is no. We don’t use lawyers nearly as much (although this is a U. S. statistic) and we produce way too many lawyers at far too high a cost.

If the free market actually worked, this over supply of lawyers should significantly reduce legal costs. Will anyone do my will for $40?


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  • Edward says:

    I agree that there are far too many lawsuits. It seems that wherever you travel in this world people opt to sue at the drop of a pin incurring mounds of paper work costing staggering expense for everyone involved.
    It is a wonder that I remember Dan Quayle and in my opinion he was not a memorable vice president. There are still people when you mention Dan Quayle ask, “Who.” The only other Vice president with less than memorable legacy is Spiro Agnew. Whatever happened to him?

  • Catharine Gemeiner says:

    When we lived in Mexico we realized the lack of litigation there. Disputes are resolved amicably without legal action.

  • Joe Stoneman says:

    haven we beat this dummer than GW enough

  • derek smith says:

    In Britain the loser pays. The problem in the US is that there is no risk to suing anyone and therefore why not? If it works (and a lot of silly suits do work) you get a big pay day and if it doesn’t you lose nothing.
    Lawyers have ruined the health care system.

  • derek smith says:

    Kimberly — the alternative is to have fewer lawsuits. Doctors pay 200K a year premium in case they get sued — the cost is passed on to the consumer.
    Quayle recognizes the huge dysfunction created by predators like John Edwards who got the biggest house in Virginia paid for by raping hospitals and in the way companies send their operations abroad to avoid lawyers hence the great job loss

  • redtoorange says:

    I should make my reference clear. “Dan Quayle Was Right” (April 1993) was an article in that bastion of East Coast liberalism, The Atlantic magazine (http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1993/04/dan-quayle-was-right/7015/). Quayle had caused a ruckus by criticizing the TV character “Murphy Brown” for having a child with no apparent father in the picture. So the article essentially said “okay, us liberals – let’s face the facts – fathers are important to the health of the family.”

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