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This a report of a CBC radio interview:

Sask. riding boundaries unique: political scientists – Saskatchewan – CBC News.

Gerald Pilon, a political scientist, and David Smith, Mr. Saskatchewan politics make the case for against how our ridings are created. Unfortunately, Smith, who was on the last Boundary Commission doesn’t see things changing.


Dundurn – 2008

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Look at the participation rate for the rural voters in this riding:

Urban Rural
Green 1801 (7%) 524 (5%)
Liberal 4518 (16%) 991 (9%)
NDP 7602 (28%) 2274 (21%)
Conservative 13473 (49%) 7274 (66%)
Total 27394 (61%) 11063 (74%)
Eligible 44792 15005

The vote as a graph:

And the map:

This riding is different in a couple of ways. First, there’s a lot of Liberal vote that could put the NDP within shouting distance. It also should be union territory – given all the potash mines. Many of the workers live in the city quadrant.

Finally, Lynne Yelich is a very likable and community minded. The right kind of candidate does make a difference, particularly one who doesn’t go out of their way to alienate people. If they do create a donut rural riding around Saskatoon, I hope Yelich runs.

Saskatoon Humboldt – 2008

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The numbers for the rural / urban split in this riding are very similar to Saskatoon Wanuskewin

Urban Rural
Green 5749 (7%) 2115 (5%)
Liberal 11431 (13%) 3105 (7%)
NDP 28827 (33%) 9912 (23%)
Conservative 40570 (47%) 28313 (65%)
Total 23150 (60%) 10875 (61%)
Eligible 38454 17783

And as a chart:

And what the riding looks like:

So again, without the split and with an appeal to fiscal conservatives / social liberals, it’s doable for an urban riding. This is Brad Troast’s riding – I’m looking forward to the 2011 numbers.

And the return on investment?

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Sask. Party cashes in. The Sask Party has and spends a lot of money – particularly on “research”. However, the rush to dollars by both parties reinforces the argument that fixed term elections will move us into all campaigning all the time. Thank goodness we don’t have an upper house or mid-term elections.

Again, get rid of the department of social services

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Former official blasts child welfare system.

And our first dribble of stupid

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NDP’s deputy leader doubts existence of bin Laden photos – The Globe and Mail. Let’s put that away and bring it out in 2015.

Try to find a better picture.

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Why all these stories about Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the G&M? Do they have to keep using the same picture?

Why voters elected the NDP’s ‘Vegas girl’ anyway – The Globe and Mail.

Three thoughts about Ruth Ellen Brosseau – The Globe and Mail.

The NDP as official opposition is a dog standing on its legs and preaching. This article, What Jack Layton has to work with – The Globe and Mail, by a former NDP national campaign director is somewhat interesting. In the past the Liberals have always eaten their young, their healthy and their old – it provided a lot of nutrition.  Now they have a lot less to snack on. He also calls Layton sunny. I like that. That may make a government

The new faces headed to Ottawa – The Globe and Mail is a photo gallery of new MPs being photogenic (except, of course, REB). We have a 19 year old elected for the NDP. The former record holder was Claude-André Lachance at 20 when he was elected as a Liberal in 1974. Lachance went on to have a 10 year career, a cabinet post and became a lobbyist for Dow Corning.

Vote splits, Harper’s majority and the fate of the NDP’s hard left – The Globe and Mail walks us through the quandary of vote splitting by Liberals and NDP letting Conservatives get elected. While Liberals might not merge, they may fade away (like the 3 MPs who didn’t join the Conservatives in 2004). And sure, the class warfare talk can make people nervous. He ends with an appeal to remember Tommy Douglas and his success at governing. And now that I think of it, Tommy was very sunny.

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